Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mercadona Builds Kindergarten into Logistic Blocks

Janina and I did some research on Mercadona and its logistics system. This is the second post about Mercadona's kindergarten in the logistic blocks.

A German newspaper has reported that Mercadona makes place in its logistic blocks for kindergarten:

In this block we have translated the most impressive facts:

In 2001 Mercadona inaugurates the first kindergarten in the logistics block in San Sadurní D'Anoia (Barcelona). Mercadona calls it also "nursurey". It is a place where trained personal looks for the children of employees for free. As it has been a successful venture, Mercadona concluded to build a kindergarten into all logistic blocks that are newly opened up.

The kindergarten of the logistics block in Albatera/ San Isidro (Alicante) provides 82 spaces per shift. A shift either takes from 6 to 2 or from 2 to 10 at night. To guarantee a proper child care, there are 14 educators with various qualifications (kindergartener, educator, pedagogue, and teacher) per logistic block.

The logistics block in Albatera/ San Isidro yields 1.055 square meters to the kindergarten so that there is enough room for bathrooms, rooms to train the psychomotor domain, relaxation areas and green spaces. In fact, when the kindergarten in Albatera/ San Isidro was newly opened, it was one of the most advanced of its kind.

The whole service, including meals are for free for children of Mercadona's employees.

The newspaper says that with the inauguration of such kindergarten, Mercadona again improves and advances its logistic blocks.

In the 2009 annual report, Mercadona says that there are currently 3 such kindergarten in the logistic blocks:

  • In 2001 Mercadona open the first free nursery in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona).

  • In 2003 Mercadona opened the logistics block in San Isidro (Alicante) and the company's second nursery.

  • In 2004 Mercadona opened the logistics block in Huévar (Sevilla) and therewith the company's third nursery.


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