Sunday, May 23, 2010

Austrian Company Provides Rolldocking for Mercadona Warehouses

Janina and I did some research on Mercadona and its logistics system. This post is about the Rolldocking system of Mercadona.

An Austrian company called TGW Logistics has developed a new system called Rolldocking for Mecadona. The company describes its solution in a document that is only available in German

In this blog, we have summarized the main facts about this new technology.

Mercadona's requirements:

  • Delivery of articles in single-origin truck loads using europallets or half pallets

  • Maximum weight per pallet: 1000 kg

  • Minimizing the employment of staff

  • Buffering at leat 1,5 truck loads per article

  • First in - first out

  • Loading up to 800 pallets daily

The solution created is not a warehouse in the typical sense but rather a transshipment site with dynamic buffer storage. Truck drivers unload their trucks, with the help of electric or hand-driven pallet trucks, directly onto the accumulating conveyor. The pallet input for this conveyor is implemented at floor level.

A 70 m long accumulating roller conveyor is available for each article. This allows 52 euro pallets or 104 half pallets per article to be placed on the conveyor. For articles with low weight, the capacity can be doubled if stacks of two pallets each are placed on the conveyor.

Commissioning takes place at the end of the accumulating conveyor. Mercadona employees commission the pallets with the help of forklifts, confirm removal with radio scanners, and place the commissioned pallets together at the assigned outgoing goods gate.

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